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“...If the son sets you free,

you shall be free indeed...”

Why we do this

Those who are homeless or have an addiction are brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, friends, sons, daughters. And we treat them as such; with love, equality and respect.

Homeless people are physically hungry and emotionally hurting.

The love of Christ Jesus compells us to reach out and help those who are hurting, lost, afraid, addicted, lonley, trapped and in dispair. We fill the gap by giving hope, friendship, and support where they otherwise might not get it.

We do more than feel compassion, we put it into action!

We offer practical help and support to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the homeless people within Dundee. We want to share the good news that Jesus Christ can set them free.

What we do about it

We have a mobile soup kitchen four evenings a week on Bell Street Dundee. Around 20-35 men and women use the soupkitchen each night. Many come to talk and have someone to listen to them. Each is met with love, warmth and acceptance. We serve soup, sandwiches, cereal, hot drinks, biscuits and fruit.

Throughout the day we visit people where they are staying. We aim to help them in as many ways as possible; such as finding accommodation or rehabilitation centres; providing food; sleeping bags; warm clothing and a listening ear.

Eagles Wings Trust is a charity that exists to help those who are homeless, addicted or in the process of recovery, to find freedom from homelessness or addictions, and discover the ultimate freedom in Christ.

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How you can help!

Soup Kitchen is on

Monday to Thursday

7.30 - 9.00

Bell Street, Dundee

The main office is open

Monday to Thursday

12.00 - 2.00

10 Douglas Street, Dundee DD1 5AJ

Remember you can donate now by texting

WING12 £5


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