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We have been working with the homeless and needy in Dundee, Scotland since 2000 when we became a registered Scottish Charity.

From Monday to Thursday, Volunteers from a variety of local churches run a mobile soup kitchen near the centre of Dundee. There they aim to meet some of the social, physical and spiritual needs of clients through the provision of hot soup, sausage rolls, sandwiches etc.  Some of the men and women come down only because they can get a listening ear and speak to someone who cares. A small selection of clothing is available as well as sleeping bags or blankets for those who are sleeping rough.

During the day clients are given support in a variety of different ways, depending on their present needs. For those with drug or alcohol problems we provide a link to residential Christian rehab centres where they can deal with their drug problems in a caring Christian environment. Once a week a service is held in Strathmore lodge, there we minister to the spiritual needs of the residents and staff. Bible studies etc are also carried out with those who express the desire.

Isaiah says “they that wait upon the Lord.... shall rise on wings as eagles” and over these last years we have seen the reality of that. From his provision for a “Jiffy Truck” when we had very little money, to the change in a young man who had wasted years of his life with drug abuse and had been “written off” by so many.  In Christ and with Christ we are able to “rise on wings as eagles” We give thanks that God is able to give hope when there is none. The Jiffy truck has enabled us to serve hot and cold food more efficiently and effectively as well as enabling the easy storage and access to a range of Christian literature, clothing and sleeping bag. There are now around 20 volunteers helping with the soup kitchen.

The service in Strathmore lodge still continues with staff and residents both coming along.  Early 2009 we were able to gain access to a small shop on the Hilltown. This has been great to use as an office, storage area and place to discuss things further with some of the men and women.  As we look back over the years they can see where God has had his hand in the work we are doing. There have been hard times and discouraging times but to contrast that there have been wonderful times where God has undoubtedly been at work.

Our aims are to help those who are homeless,

addicted or are in the process of recovery and to share the

Christian Gospel and witness to its transforming power.